6 Replies to “DragonFly and Bittorrent”

  1. A few observations:

    1. The files belong to a release under the Dragonfly BSD collection. See the FlightGear releases as an example.

    2. There is no real need to compress the files. The bittorrent bittorrent uses fixed-block checksumming therefore you are hiding whatever file corruption the compressor could have introduced to the original files on the one hand and you are adding a second level of usability indirection on the other.

  2. Change that duplicate bittorrent for “bittorrent expecification”

  3. I see what you mean with collections and releases – I added the release number to the title. However, I don’t see how you can create a collection.

    If the files are corrupted after compression, well, that’s how they are distributed everywhere else. Taking the compression off would make them take longer to download, which is the whole thing that bittorrenting is to solve. I don’t see an actual benefit to torrenting the uncompressed versions of the files.

  4. Please keep distributing compressed images. As someone who lives in a third-world country with very expensive and limited bandwidth (Australia) I’m grateful to the DragonflyBSD project for compressed ISOs. I wish all systems did this.

  5. Justin, out of curiosity, why doesn’t the project have its own tracker and/or offer torrents as a standard release distribution option? I’d much prefer to get them that way.

  6. Tim – Nobody’s ever done it? At least not consistently; we’ve had some releases from time to time where someone sets it up, but that’s it. If/when I’m dealing with the next release, I’ll try to include that too.

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