mfi(4) users and foreign configs

If you have a mfi(4) device – in other words, a LSI MegaRAID SAS driver – you can now see/import/clear/etc. foreign configurations, thanks to this commit from Sascha Wildner, tested by Francois Tigeot, and originally from FreeBSD.

For the confused, ‘foreign’ means any disk hooked to a RAID controller that isn’t part of a configuration the RAID device already knows about.  A replacement disk, or more worryingly, a good disk gone bad/unrecognizable.  (I’ve had both.)

Do you have a wpi(4) or iwi(4) device?

If you have an ath(4), wpi(4) or iwi(4) wireless network link, and you’re running DragonFly-master, please update.  Sepherosa Ziehau has pushed Johannes Hoffman’s wlan_serialize branch, which means bringing up wlan0 is a bit easier – and less crashy.

It needs to be tested for wpi(4) and iwi(4), however, so if you have success or failure with those devices, please say so in reply.

(new post category starting now: “Please test”)

DragonFly 3.4 branched

DragonFly 3.4 is branched –  as a release candidate, with the current target for 3.4.0 release as the weekend of April 13-14.  See the tagging commit note for a list of all the commit messages.

Note that in previous releases, we tagged “x.y.0” on branch, and “x.y.1” on release.  I’m now tagging “x.y.0rc” for the release candidate at branch time, and we’ll tag with a more normal (to my ears) “x.y.0” for the release.

If you build a 3.4.0rc image right now, you’ll get an older quarterly release of pkgsrc.  That’ll be changed tomorrow as the DragonFly pkgsrc git source is updated and I change where 3.4’s  /usr/Makefile points.

pkgsrc-2013Q1 announced, with extras

The 2013Q1 branch of pkgsrc has been announced.  Along with the normal quarterly material, there’s several notes: preliminary Cygwin support is present, ruby 1.8 will be retired in favor of 1.9 after this release, and the web page now has a very nice new look and logo.

I plan to branch DragonFly 3.4 very soon, and that version will have 2013Q1 as default.

Update: The 2013Q1 branch should be available by tomorrow on DragonFly’s git; the repository needs to update and convert from NetBSD’s CVS and that takes a little time.  I’ll post when it’s ready.