GCC 4.6 now possible

John Marino has made it possible to build world and kernel on DragonFly using GCC 4.6 in the form of gnat-aux.  (We’re currently on GCC version 4.4)  Note that version 4.6 isn’t included with DragonFly, so you would need to download and compile GCC 4.6 a very recent version of lang/gnat-aux, and set CCVER=gcc46 before building world and kernel to try this out.

Update: John Marino points out in comments that you need to set WORLD_CCVER, not CCVER as his original message said.

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  1. Hi Justin,
    That last bit isn’t quite right. WORLD_CCVER=gcc46 refers specifically to lang/gnat-aux in pkgsrc. Moreover, it’s the version of lang/gnat-aux that’s in pkgsrc trunk which builds c++ by default. One could use the lang/gnat-aux in the 2011Q4 branch, but they would need to manually select the c++ option.

    gcc doesn’t build on DragonFly without a significant number of patches, so downloading and building one from gnu.org is not going to work. I’m afraid almost everyone would interpret the post to build gcc4.6 from scratch, so it probably should be updated.

  2. Well, lang/gcc46 exists but it doesn’t build on DragonFly. It includes languages not supported by lang/gnat-aux (namely java), but it doesn’t include Ada which is the main focus of gnat-aux. Maybe it’s best to think of gnat-aux as an alternative gcc4.6 package maintained by different authors, and that gnat-aux is specifically tuned for DragonFly.

    The post still has some inaccuracies. Perhaps it would be best to point to the man page of compilers.conf. ( http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/cgi/web-man?command=compilers.conf&section=ANY ). You can see instructions on how to build world and that the variable WORLD_CCVER is used in this case, not CCVER. It also specifically calls out lang/gnat-aux.

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