The next release and what’s needed

There’s a rare crash in DragonFly 2.10, where applications would segfault.  The system would run find.  This is apparently more likely to happen in 2.12, though reports on this vary.  It’s real, though.

Matthew Dillon went looking for this bug, and happened to roll back vm_token, the last lock in DragonFly that presented a serious impediment to multiprocessing.  It’s a big patch.  It fixes the problem, which is great!  It also happens to make DragonFly buildworlds almost twice as fast depending on the number of cores in the system.

Holy crap we want to get that out…  but it makes some significant changes to the system and needs to be tested.  So, the next release probably won’t be for a few weeks.

If you want to help, build master and do something with it – move data, run server programs, whatever.  Report crashes.  This performance improvement is worth working for.