Old ISA drivers and what to do about them

Some ISA devices have been removed from DragonFly.  That probably affects approximately 0% of everyone, cause they’re old devices, but a few of them are were in the GENERIC kernel configs, so you’ll get an error for an unrecognized option when you next rebuild your kernel using a GENERIC-based config, based on an older version of GENERIC.  The description of which drivers went is quite sensibly placed in UPDATING.

2 Replies to “Old ISA drivers and what to do about them”

  1. Edward says:

    May i ask why are they still in GENERIC then?

    Would a note to add them back if some obscure person running a 486 wanted them over breakage not be preferred?

  2. I edited for clarity; they aren’t in GENERIC any longer, but if you are using a GENERIC-derived config from an earlier release, you possibly still have them.

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