Lazy Reading for 2011/06/05

Short but good this week.

  • I always enjoy seeing other people’s window configs, even if I don’t use them.
  • The CCBY license is very similar to the BSD license – and there’s some big institutions using it.  That is good news for everyone.
  • I linked to telehack before, but I didn’t realize how huge it was.  There’s 25,000 virtual hosts in there, recreated from history, complete with realistic user lists.  You can ‘hack’ into hosts, or run games and BASIC files.  (hammurabi!)  It even recreates early USENET.  Read the description of what to do – it gets really interesting about halfway down.   It’s an Internet Simulation, if ever there was one.  (via)
  • Remember I posted earlier this week about my results with deduplication?  I had about a 7% gain of the disk.  As time has gone on and the Hammer reblocker was able to work overnight, I’m now up to a gain of 10%.  Neat!
  • Also: I got Minecraft working (as a server) on DragonFly.  See the comments on my original it’s-almost-working post.
  • RAS Syndrome: Recursive Acronym Syndrome Syndrome.  For anyone who has typed “GNU”.  (via)