6 Replies to “Sendmail, updates”

  1. adamo says:

    MeTA1 is not exactly new. At one point in time it was named sendmailX. It is worth looking into it, especially its documentation and design document.

  2. Jan Lentfer says:

    Typo in my commit message, latest sendmail is 8.14.5, not 8.14.15 :(

  3. adamo – MeTA1 was started more recently than the 8x sendmail series, though – wasn’t it? It’s certainly possible I missed it.

  4. adamo says:

    MeTA1’s predecessor was sendmail X http://www.sendmail.org/sm-X/ So yes, it is newer, but with MeTA1 being around since ~2007 I would not call it a new thing :)

  5. Libelle says:

    Hm I thought sendmail would be dropped from base once dma is in… Seems like it’s not

  6. I think there’s some features still missing from DMA that would be good to have before dropping sendmail… what they are, I don’t remember. It would be a question for whomever worked on DMA last; which I also don’t remember. That may be more descriptive of the problem.

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