6 Replies to “Sendmail, updates”

  1. MeTA1 is not exactly new. At one point in time it was named sendmailX. It is worth looking into it, especially its documentation and design document.

  2. Typo in my commit message, latest sendmail is 8.14.5, not 8.14.15 :(

  3. adamo – MeTA1 was started more recently than the 8x sendmail series, though – wasn’t it? It’s certainly possible I missed it.

  4. Hm I thought sendmail would be dropped from base once dma is in… Seems like it’s not

  5. I think there’s some features still missing from DMA that would be good to have before dropping sendmail… what they are, I don’t remember. It would be a question for whomever worked on DMA last; which I also don’t remember. That may be more descriptive of the problem.

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