3 Replies to “gcc 4.4 now default”

  1. Does anyone know how many pkgsrc packages will be affected by this?

  2. Bulk builds are running by now, I believe. It will take some days.

    I did see some issues due to packages using -Werror and gcc 4.4 spewing new warnings.

  3. I have 3 builds going now – DragonFly 2.9/i386/pkgsrc-2010Q4, 2.9/x86_64/pkgsrc-2010Q4, and DragonFly 2.9/x86_64/pkgsrc-current. My guess is that it’ll be some number of packages, but not catastrophic, and not bad to fix.

    If you’re on 2.8, it won’t affect you at all.

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