DragonFly network handicap

I posted before about a move to use AT&T’s U-Verse fiber/DSL product for dragonflybsd.org’s connection.  It led Matt Dillon to try to add features to compensate for the service’s shortcomings, but it’s still problematic.  He’s written up just how broken U-Verse is, calling it “almost a complete failure” as a business connection.  The bulk of the problems seem to come from the 2Wire DSL modem supplied by AT&T.

Remember when the Internet used to be the place to find long technical writeups of a product directly from people who were using it?  Much of that has disappeared into comment forms and ephemeral Facebook posts.  That’s too bad.

2 Replies to “DragonFly network handicap”

  1. I have U-verse as a residential service and it’s OK for that use; the SPI firewall in the 2-wire box doesn’t seem to be messing with my connections, and the AirPort Extreme that’s in the “DMZ” and doing NAT for my network hasn’t disagreed with it yet. Most of my devices are running a IPsec/L2TP connection to my colo’d server anyway. U-verse is obviously not a true competitor to Comcast Business service for a hosting application. I’d actually suggest getting an EC2 or some other cloud-based VM and using it to terminate the PPTP connection in this scenario.

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