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  1. Håkan says:

    I would have appreciated if a mail was sent out to the ftp-mirrors notifying about the master server going down a couple of days before server move.

    Crazy things can happen

  2. Apparently it having to move was a surprise to everyone, including the people taking care of it.

    I think uther.dragonflybsd.org can work as a substitute – it’s in Europe, but is relatively speedy. Of course, if you’re mirroring, nothing new is going to show up for a few days, so you don’t have to worry about it too much.

  3. Bruce says:


    It looks like I got incredibly unlucky when installing DragonFly and trying to use pkgsrc, is there another way get pkgsrc on the machine easily, like another host for it?


  4. Bruce says:

    Sorry I realise there are other hosts but they didn’t seem to work for me, hmm, more digging around I suppose.

  5. Bruce:

    setenv CVSROOT anoncvs@anoncvs.NetBSD.org:/cvsroot

    setenv CVS_RSH ssh

    cd /usr

    cvs -q checkout -rpkgsrc-2010Q4 -P pkgsrc

    (Omit the -r option if you want pkgsrc head)

    This is just picking it up through cvs. You can update later with ‘cvs up -dP’. When mirror-master comes back, you can delete /usr/pkgsrc and start using the make commands.

  6. Bruce says:

    Thanks! That worked a treat.

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