Lazy Reading: old UNIX, new book, more NYCBSDCon

A general roundup of things, this week.

  • The 1978 Bell System Technical Journal, describing this new Unix thing.  (via)
  • The book Modern Perl is out, written by chromatic.  I link to it for two reasons: the first is that while the book is available for purchase, it’s also available as a free download, with the only condition that you must tell others about it.  The second reason – and the reason I’d mention this book anyway – is that chromatic writes on his site and for O’Reilly, and his articles are succinct and enjoyable.  The Web is a deluge of text, so any author that can hold your attention, with all the other sources to read, is worth following.
  • More NYCBSDCon 2010 stuff, from the comments on my previous post: Will Backman has partial audio recordings, and Jason Dixon’s adventure is online.  (thanks, Will and Lawrence)
  • This summary of the (BSD-ish) Tarsnap service made me smile.
  • Top 5 Best Practices for an Open Source Development Community.  (via)  I especially agree with items 2 and 3.
  • Oddly compelling.  (via everywhere)

Thanks,, for leading me to this.