November OSBR: Economic Development

The November issue of the Open Source Business Resource is out, with the theme of “Economic Development.”  I like the microcredit article, but perhaps that’s just my special interest.

The December issue’s theme is “Humanitarian Open Source” and the guest editor will be Leslie Hawthorn.  She’s currently Open Source Outreach Manager at Oregon State University Open Source Lab, but some may remember her as the face of Google Summer of Code for the past several years.

2 Replies to “November OSBR: Economic Development”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out about the microcredit article, Justin. I thought that was awesome, compiling an impressive amount of data while remaining interesting.

    The only part that caused me to wonder whether the microcredit was worthwhile was the data about training and that the fact that more than 10% of the folks remained unemployed after completion of their training for which they are now in debt. Understanding that the previous year, everyone was employed, this still is troublesome.

    Sometimes money alone can’t address all the issues. This is why a character-based program such as microcredit can help identify when there are family stresses, psychological issues, poor social skills, or other factors that would cause an individual to fail, in spite of a loan.

    Thanks for pointing out the article.

  2. That 10% article may not be that bad; would there be a greater loss in a control group that didn’t perform the training?

    Plus, the benefits for the 90% that did get employed may be an acceptable trade-off, especially considering the alternative at that income level is often high-interest payday loans, and I can’t believe that has a better success rate.

    I’ve been reading the occasional microcredit articles in the Economist, which is always bullish on the subject. It’s personally appealing, and does appear to have measurable benefits.

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