Summer of Code projects final

We’ve got 3 projects for Google Summer of Code 2010:

  • “Device Mapper based Logical Volume Management”, by Alexander Hornung and mentored by Chuck Tuffli.
  • “Porting kernel mode-setting, GEM and KMS, to DragonFlyBSD” by David Shao, mentored by Matthew Dillon
  • “Coalesce + MPSAFE kevent, select, poll and wakeup” by Samuel Greear, mentored by Joe Talbott

We had a good number of excellent proposals, but only 3 slots from Google.  There were only 12 spare slots by the end of the proposal period, too, meaning less than 1 spare per 10 organizations.  I’d encourage people that applied and didn’t get in to still try the work; there were some neat proposals!

Visit the GSoC site for more details.

4 Replies to “Summer of Code projects final”

  1. Looks like you forgot this guy:

    Naohiro Aota Porting Portage and its tools to DragonFly BSD.

  2. That is a Gentoo Foundation project. Kind of interesting.
    Its a pity there is only 3 accepted. Other proposals were really good this year.

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