Dear lazyweb: monitoring software needed

Since I have several machines repeatedly building all of pkgsrc now, I want to monitor RAM, disk I/O, CPU, and the like, and keep historical records.  I’ve seen this done with cacti and snmp, and sort of done with nagios.

There must be easier/prettier choices out there.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Building collectd fails on the devel/libstatgrab dependency:

    process_stats.c: In function ‘sg_get_process_stats’:
    process_stats.c:384: error: ‘struct kinfo_proc’ has no member named ‘kp_proc’
    process_stats.c:402: error: ‘struct kinfo_proc’ has no member named ‘kp_thread’

    Darnit. It is a useful looking program, too.

  2. Should fix the libstatgrab issue. collectd is so worth it :)

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