BSDTalk 166: Asterisk

The latest BSDTalk is a 23-minute conversation with Asterisk Open Source Community Director John Todd.

These positions where someone works for a company, specifically to interact with a community of people who may produce unpaid work for that company, intrigue me.

Recent bulk build results

Hasso Tepper recently finished a bulk build of pkgsrc on DragonFly 2.1, with only just under 5% of packages actually failing to build.  I think the “natural” average is around 3%-4% just from the natural disorder of over 8,000 3rd party software packages, so this is an excellent state to be in.

I’m working on a new set of 2.0.1 pkgsrc packages for download from pkgbox, incidentally.

Where the sound went

Hasso Tepper has made /dev/audio a symlink to /dev/dsp.  DragonFly’s sound device hasn’t been /dev/audio in a while, but until recently in pkgsrc, applications that used audio would default to /dev/audio for playback.  With this symlink, they all should work – or at least not be directing sound to a nonexistent device.

This isn’t dramatic news, but I can never remember which device is the right one, and this fixes that little issue for me.