The Git repositiory for DragonFly is up and running, and Simon 'corecode' Schubert asks people to use a mirror.  The update  messages to commit@ are working.  There's places to see the repo via the web, too.
The latest BSDTalk is a 23-minute conversation with Asterisk Open Source Community Director John Todd. These positions where someone works for a company, specifically to interact with a community of people who may produce unpaid work for that company, intrigue me.
Hasso Tepper recently finished a bulk build of pkgsrc on DragonFly 2.1, with only just under 5% of packages actually failing to build.  I think the "natural" average is around 3%-4% just from the natural disorder of over 8,000 3rd party software packages, so this is an excellent state to be in. I'm working on a new set of 2.0.1 pkgsrc packages for download from pkgbox, incidentally.
Lazy Sunday?  Running carp?  Why not try Sepherosa Ziehau's carp patch?  No, I don't know what it does.
Hasso Tepper has made /dev/audio a symlink to /dev/dsp.  DragonFly's sound device hasn't been /dev/audio in a while, but until recently in pkgsrc, applications that used audio would default to /dev/audio for playback.  With this symlink, they all should work - or at least not be directing sound to a nonexistent device. This isn't dramatic news, but I can never remember which device is the right one, and this fixes that little issue for me.
Dru Lavigne took notes at MeetBSD 2008, while Matthew Dillon took pictures, as did others.  There's some neat technologies described there.
David Tweed posted a short but interesting anecdote of his real-world experiences dealing with a large number of files, to follow up with a recent discussion on handling large directories with Hammer.
Hasso Tepper has made some fixes to SATA ATAPI code that fix some of the issues with SATA CD/DVD readers, though some issues remain.  Please test if you've got the hardware to match.
Hasso Tepper is taking advantage of his new pkgsrc commit bit and working on a KDE change, by removing the need to have arts included when building the rest of KDE.  He's testing on DragonFly, so a side benefit will be better DragonFly integration.