DragonFly, by comparison

Dmitri Nikulin wrote a long post on users@ about how he was worried that DragonFly would lose importance given that FreeBSD 7 has improved performance relative to FreeBSD 5/6.  Responses include a number of anecdotes on how agreeable the DragonFly community can be, plus my note that DragonFly validation does not require FreeBSD to suck.  Matthew Dillon noted his concerns as project leader, and the difficulty of explaining how significant the changes from FreeBSD-4 are in DragonFly.

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  1. With respect to:

    DragonFly is oriented towards creating a single system image over multiple
    networked computers on the Internet, which has never been done before.

    I think you are incorrect. I believe that VMS has been doing this for about 30 years.

  2. I am quite sure that Justin was refering to the fact that no free/open source system has done that before, and certainly not at the kernel level.

  3. What Lazarus said – I meant to say “never been done before in open source”.

    What hasn’t VMS done already, anyway?

  4. “What hasn’t VMS done already, anyway?”

    I feel a Skynet joke coming on…

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