March OSBR out

The March issue of the Open Source Business Resource is out.  There’s a timely article in there where Murraay Stokely describes the benefits for FreeBSD that came from Summer of Code participation.  (via Dru Lavigne)

(remember, student apps are due by Monday!) 

Everyone has an old favorite computer

Despite the logarithmic expansion of computers and drop in costs of the years, everyone looks back on their first computer systems with a sense of nostalgia.  This is why certain readers will find the Raymond Commodore Amiga store in Minneapolis interesting.  You should be able to gues their exclusive inventory from the store name.  It’s so old-school, the website is a ~username directory.  (via Boing Boing Gadgets)

But do they mean it?

Microsoft has been making some “We support open source” noise lately, but I wonder how far it will go.  It’s neat to see open source tools acknowledged, but this other OnLAMP post about how open source removes vendor dependence seems to conflict with Mcrosoft’s usual business model.  I would be surprised if Microsoft went so far as to have open source products supplant (instead of complement) their products, like other vendors have done.