Student proposals for the Google Summer of Code are now due on April 7th, instead of today. This means more time to refine proposals, or create a new one. Get to it! We have 28 applications at this point. And look: Google's newest product to launch on April 1st: Google Gulp.
Abstracts for paper presentations at EuroBSDCon 2008 are due June 1st. The EuroBSDCon site doesn't have the Call For Papers on it, so I'll link to the mail. I like this note from the family page: "Derivative work such as Gentoo are considered welcome though their creativity is restrictively licensed."  (Emphasis added)
Matthew Dillon reports that HAMMER is running well enough to have survived a week holding backups on his local LAN; he asks for more testers.
The March issue of the Open Source Business Resource is out.  There's a timely article in there where Murraay Stokely describes the benefits for FreeBSD that came from Summer of Code participation.  (via Dru Lavigne) (remember, student apps are due by Monday!) 
Dave Hayes has committed changes that allow the local version of the installer (i.e. the one in CVS) to be used when building a release CD.
We are in the student signup period for Google Summer of Code projects on DragonFly.  I have a link roundup for both students and mentors - check it if you have not yet signed up or want to propose a project.
The upstream network provider for is going through some changes, so there may be occasional downtime for some weeks.
Despite the logarithmic expansion of computers and drop in costs of the years, everyone looks back on their first computer systems with a sense of nostalgia.  This is why certain readers will find the Raymond Commodore Amiga store in Minneapolis interesting.  You should be able to gues their exclusive inventory from the store name.  It's so old-school, the website is a ~username directory.  (via Boing Boing Gadgets)
Even more conferences: Free and Open Source Conference 3 is happening August 23-24, in Germany.   The call for papers is already out.  (via Undeadly)  Also, there will be a BSD booth at IT360, April 8-9 in Toronto.  (via Dru Lavigne)  Check Dru's post for details on free admission.  There will be a BSDA exam there, too.
There's a BSD convention in Barcelona, April 19th and 20th. If you want more information, it will help if you can read Spanish.  As I've said before, the number of BSD conventions is growing.  (via Planet FreeBSD)