The latest BSDTalk has M. Warner Losh talking about embedded FreeBSD.
During a discussion of disk activity while doing a bulk build of pkgsrc, Roman Divacky posted a link to the Anticipatory Disk Scheduler, which should be portable to DragonFly.  Whether it would help or not is another question.
I just found Etoile (screenshots linked) today; it's apparently a GNUStep-based desktop.  This would be of interest to people who like the Windowmaker (or even Mac OS X) interface  No version in pkgsrc yet, so I don't know if it compiles...
The release will be 'soon'.  There's still some bugs to work out, the most notable of which is that vinum has some serious issues that have been revealed by updating the disk code.
It's (call for) papers season, as SCALE 6 has issued a call for papers, too.
1.10 has been branched in CVS, with release coming soon. From the followup post, while the development branch will be 1.11, the next release will be 2.0, so this is the end of 1.x.
Joerg Sonnenberger posted to the mailing list the idea that there should be a bare minimum level defined to call a hardware/software system supported under pkgsrc.  Much discussion ensued.  (Happily, DragonFly is quite well supported by any criterion.)
Because of some bugs that were just fixed, Matthew Dillon is waiting one more week before releasing 1.10.
An article on lists what Echothrust Solutions has done to move to OpenBSD for their client and server needs.  What I find interesting is the list of all the applications they use to solve various problems, including some nontraditional (for open source) things like project management and CRM.
Noah Yan is working on porting DragonFly to AMD64, with some notes on the wiki. He and Simon 'corecode' Schubert have set up a Git repo of the DragonFly code for this.
Newest on BSDTalk: Fast IPSec, with George Neville-Neil.
As part of a larger discussion of large size memory pages, called 'superpages', Oliver Fromme linked to a 2002 OSDI article that talks about implementation.
DragonFly 1.10 will be branched tomorrow night, with the release scheduled for Sunday.  I daresay I will be both reading and updating at that point.