Jeremy C. Reed posted to users@ a note explaining that the BSD Certification Group has published its Usage Survey Report (k PDF). Some interesting things in the survey results - there were over 100 respondents using DragonFly in their work area, which is much more than I expected. Some of the "smaller" BSDs linked are interesting, too, as I had never heard of things like "Frenzy", "S-Core", or "MOS". Also, there are a number of good anecdotes that were written in as responses in the survey. The BSD Certification website seems to have had a nice makeover, too.
Having trouble running Emacs? Don't run itTry Tim Legant's easy fix.
Matthew Dillon is planning some major work on the routing of interrupts; if you are running the latest code, report any new breakages to bugs@, please.
DragonFly's been under heavy development for some time, with large under-the-hood changes going on. However, thing seem to be proceeding at a stable pace. has the source code for various major BSDs at It's apparent;y been there for a while, but only recently reactivated.
Adrian Nida has put together a new version of Andrew Atren's atheros wireless driver; it's worked for him on DragonFly 1.3.6, so far. I don't know why this isn't included in the DragonFly system yet.
Matthew Dillon has added two new warnings in an effort to catch a mysterious DragonFly and FreeBSD bug.
drhodus's blog on now describes a problem with the "lost+found" directory created during a fsck.
OpenOffice, which has been around for 5 years now, just released version 2.0. Wow, the web site is pretty.
drhodus's blog on mentions a strange panic found on DragonFly and FreeBSD systems that has so far been unsolvable.
For those of you using PF, there's a tutorial by Peter Hansteen (OpenBSD-centric, but still applies) that was recently updated. (thanks, BSDForums)
Joerg Sonnenberger has a new version of the iwi(4) (Intel Wireless miniPCI adapters) driver, available for testing. Assuming no problems, it will be committed.
Apparently the OpenBSD fdisk is much nicer than the one we have inherited from FreeBSD - anyone want to import it?