More FAQ languages

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai has created pages on the wiki for Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, and Norwegian translations of the FAQ. If you are familiar with these languages, please help. The Norwegian and Dutch FAQs are already partially translated.


Since there’s not much else in the way of news today, I’ll point at the blog section, which mentions, among other things, Todd Willey’s recent work on getting KDE in pkgsrc working, and Eirik (Nygaard?) mentioning that he has TenDRA compiling.

Bleeding edge is bleeding

Are you using the most recent DragonFly code from CVS? Matthew Dillon warns that the new red/black tree work may be causing file system problems. If this worries you, you should be running with a less dangerous tag in your cvsup file. (See his post for details.)

Going to USENIX?

If you’re going to USENIX this week, tell Matthew Dillon. If time permits, he’ll be setting up a DragonFly BoF session, in addition to presenting a paper in Kirk McKusick’s session.