I suggested on the docs@ list that using a Wiki to allow people to make documentation updates may make it easier to actually have people contribute, and then changes can be merged back into CVS. Discussion ensued, with some folks pointing at Wikipedia's MediaWiki, or TikiWiki. Similar discussion popped up elsewhere. I plan to try this ... soon.
The latest issue (November) of The Perl Journal is out, if you happen to subscribe. Quick! Someone make a Python comment, apropos of nothing!
Liam J. Foy has put together a new page to track what needs to be cleaned in DragonFly; take a look if you are curious, or(even better) if you wanted a relatively simple task.
Jasse Jansson is putting together a list of supported hardware; he's at jasse 'at' hornet 'dot' ac if you want to contribute.
Joerg Sonnenberger (here) and Matthew Dillon (here) both did a nice explanatory writeup of how the timer system works.
The Stable tag has been moved up to the most recent code, as some critical fixes required what's in the most recent code. In general, this should only be positive, unless you are using unionfs or nullfs, as they will be broken if you upgrade. So, if you are using those file systems, hold off on upgrading for a few weeks. When you do upgrade, it has to be a full buildkernel/buildworld.
leaf.dragonflybsd.org is moving to the most recent version of DragonFly (HEAD) so as to serve as a test for some SATA fixes.
Matthew Dillon reported a hard disk failure knocked out the DragonFly website and mailing lists over the weekend; there's a new disk, filled from backups, back in place now.
Andreas Hauser mentioned that he and others are going to 21C3, and are looking to meet up with other DragonFly enthusiasts.
Matthew Dillon has added code that should hopefully fix the long-standing timer bug some people have seen.
Oliver Fromme suggested a way to make it possible to boot a CD into a variety of operating systems - specifically either FreeBSD or DragonFly.
A big was found in SACK; it could cause downloaded file corruption - it's fixed now.
Matthew Dillon did an update of checkpointing, as apparently someone had expressed interest in porting it.
'Rum' noted he has a dfport of Firefox 1.0.1 available.
Freddie Cash described on kernel@ how he got his atheros card working, using a FreeBSD driver.