Partition sizing

Matt Dillon responded to a question from David Cuthbert about partition letters; as part of that, he recommended this sort of partion layout:

If you have a large system, it is often a good idea to separate out oft-written directories such as /usr/obj, and to make /tmp larger. /var/tmp is usually made a softlink to /tmp. If you have or intend to process a lot of mail, making /var larger is a good idea. If you are running a mail server it is often a good idea to make /var/spool its own partition (and /var/mail its own partition if you are running a large mail pop service or have a lot of users). If you are running a large web server making /usr/local/www its own partition (the base of Apache’s site directory) is a good idea.

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  1. Could I get your feedback on the following:

    mail, print, web, and file server (One server in a lab)

    Part Size
    / 10G – for both the / and /usr files
    (swap) 2G – virtual memory
    /var 5G – print spool, other log files??
    /var/mail 10G – for all mail files and easy backup
    /usr/local/www 5G – Web server
    /home 50G – for all user files
    /home/teo 40G – For my files and easy backup
    *The rest of the space I’ll leave unused in case I need to grow a partition


    Part Size
    / 7.5G
    swap 512M
    /var 2G

  2. You may be better off seeking feedback on a mailing list. I can’t say anything other than “Yeah, looks fine.”, given the available information.

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