Buildworld done; quickworld possible

Matt Dillon’s changes to buildworld are done; the next make buildworld you do will take a bit longer, but you should be able to do make quickworld thereafter, which should be… quicker!

Be careful, for the time being, doing a make -j, though. If that fails, Matt asks:

In one xterm: make -j 4 buildworld >& /tmp/bw.out
In another xterm: tail -f /tmp/bw.out | fgrep ===

Save the results, and post a link to it in the kernel discussion group.

3 Replies to “Buildworld done; quickworld possible”

  1. Dear gawd this sucks. On this box (my play box) it takes roughly 35 minutes to completely rebuild FreeBSD 4.8 with ProPolice enabled. As of today, to do the same thing for DragonFly it takes this very same box one hour, and fifteen minutes.

    I’m sure that there are good reasons for having made the chages to the build process, and I’m sure that there’s a good reason for building two bloody versions of GCC, when both seem to build everything just fine, but man that’s alot of extra time to build everything.

    I just wish I knew the reasons for it. Rebuilding DragonFly from source might become tollerable again were they to strip out GCC 2.95.x because ‘quickworld’ just isn’t going to cut it as long as I have to do a full buildworld every time something major gets changed.

    Pre-beta OSs are great aren’t they ;)

    Other than this, I’d have to say that these guys are doing an AMAZING job.

  2. Perhaps they could move GCC 2.95.whatever to a port, kinda like the FreeBSD folks did with the games distribution in 5.x?

    The build would still be kinda slow, but it’s be faster not having to build two GCCs, and the old one would still be available for compatibility testing…

  3. GCC 2 will eventually go away – it’s there for “legacy”, as you can’t do all building with it yet.

    ‘make quickworld’ should cover most everything – you could probably even get away with ‘realquickworld’, as it’s the private toolchain that gets kept. When each is appropriate is something that needs documenting…

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