Source control system followup

As part of the discussion about CVS and similar products, Garance A Drosihn pointed out that he was working on a C++ version of cvsup, meaning that it wouldn’t require Modula-3 installed to build as it does now. He stopped work because these is apparently a C version in the works, which he hopes would be out by the time of FreeBSD 5.3’s release, somewhere in the next year. That’s good news for DragonFly, too, as cvsup is the method for code updates for the foreseeable future.

There was discussion some time ago of using rsync for updates, which is certainly possible… Binary updates would be nice, too.

2 Replies to “Source control system followup”

  1. le says:

    I really hope that FreeBSD 5.3 comes out _this_ year, not _next_ year. :-)

  2. A.K.H. says:

    I’d *love* to have binary updates. :) I currently run FreeBSD on some pretty slow computers and don’t particularly care much for compiling things.

    I’ve even taken to using only the binary application packages instead of compiling ports from source due to the tediousness of it.

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