2 Replies to “OpenOffice OK”

  1. Poor Clueless Newbie says:

    I sure hope that it actually works, unlike under FreeBSD. I’ve spent many fruitless hours trying to get that damned thing to work, and it never does. OOo has been a serious source of frustration for me, and I hope that the DragonFly folks will get it right. They do seem to have a knack for that…

  2. Mezz says:

    It’s why I bought TextMaker for FreeBSD from the SoftMaker company. ;-) OpenOffice is serious too bloat, huge and messy; I believe someone can write the better one.

    Anyway, back to the point, I have used the OpenOffice package from http://projects.imp.ch/openoffice/ and it works perfect on 5.2-CURRENT, but slow and huge.

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