NVIDIA, RCNG, mailarchives

Not much happening right now. A few people have noticed that the binary NVIDIA driver doesn’t seem to work; big surprise there, with the system being in rapid change. Otherwise, puttering with the new RCNG services layout continues. In local news, I have the DragonFly mail archive mostly working now, including the kernel list.

One Reply to “NVIDIA, RCNG, mailarchives”

  1. I’ve been meaning to hack on the binary nvidia driver again, but since DFly doesn’t even boot on the machine that houses my GeForce, I can’t test it properly.

    Also, I haven’t been seeing reports of _what_ exactly doesn’t work. Compilation problems I can deal with right now, not testing driver quality. It’s a shame Nvidia never opened their driver up. As a workaround, people can use the XFree86 nv driver.

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