Lazy Reading for 2024/03/24

I have been saving up posts from some long threads on the TUHS and COFF mailing lists, so you’re getting some esoteric history today.

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  1. “Every OS sucks.” And every programming language too, right?

    That’s the kind of thing said by people who always insist on using things backwards and sideways, against all advice and even common sense. Hand them a hammer, they’ll try to pound nails with the butt end of the handle, then complain that the tool is broken.

  2. Thanks for link to Aztec C site!
    It really hit memory lane here:
    Aztec C was my first C compiler on the Amiga; which was my first computer.
    Think it was version 3.2; I got a copy on a floppy or two from a friend, no documentation..
    But it was a really standard C compiler (well K&R C .. it was several years before ANSI C standard), so knowing cc(1) from UNIX (BSD indeed :), from uni was just fine. And quite a revelation that Z editor was a vi(1) clone! (didn’t have a decent text editor on my Amiga yet)
    Aztec C didn’t do much in optimization, but it did work quite well on a floppy only Amiga 500.
    After some years Matt also made a C compiler for the Amiga, which blew everything.. as usual.
    I just found full docs for Aztec C for Amiga on; it isn’t on site linked here. I never saw it before, but, as said, for basic usage docs aren’t needed.

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