8 Replies to “Some other places”

  1. Thank you for everything you do.

    Apart the Unix stories, what I’ll miss most is your “Lazy reading” posts about music and games.

    Have fun and hope to still have you in the BSD or Unix world.


  2. Will this website still be updated with release information and news specifically about Dragonfly BSD?

  3. Wait, what? The Dragonfly Digest is no more? Well, that’s a bad start to my day. Where was this announced?

    Thank you for all the bathroom reading material over the years, Justin! I wish you well in all your future endeavors.

  4. No, I’m just not doing the Lazy Reading/In Other BSDs now, cause other people are reliably filling that role – and it has been a mad rush for me every week to catch up.

  5. Lazy Reading and In Other BSDs were something I looked forward to for years every weekend.

    Thank you for providing a great service I will miss this.

  6. I’ve also very much enjoyed the interesting links you’ve posted over the years. Always something interesting. Thank you!

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