2 Replies to “SLUUG tonight: rsnapshot, LDAP”

  1. Well, they are still using rsnapshot but there is no reason to, since we already have backup solutions like restic that also can do snapshots and mount them via fuse. The only limitation is that restic may need some RAM which may not be usable on RaspberryPi that is low on RAM but for big server backup it is OK.
    Actually the storage can be on RaspberryPi because restic runs on client only.

  2. On the LDAP issue they were not able to define what LDAP is for beginners it is more confusing and when they went into schema documents they did not notice that what they actually see is the type definition of schema attributes.
    It would have been more helpful to lay out parallels to XML, because that’s what it is very much like, XML also has DTD (schema) or XML schema, the more modern one and looks very much like that of LDAP (ldiff).

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