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  1. ZFS on FreeBSD is so confusing.

    Today FreeBSD release v11.3.

    Which has features not found in FreeBSD 12.x.

    So upgrading from 11.3 to 12.x might break.


  2. To clarify, “which has [ZFS] features not found in 12.x”

  3. This is right from the release errata. It says “feature” not “features”. It clearly says upgrading from 11.3 to 12.0, not 12.x. It also says the simple solution is wait for 12.1.
    Logically if one were updating to an 11.3-RELEASE, how much reason would there be to go from that to 12.0?

    [2019-07-04] An issue when upgrading from FreeBSD 11.3 to FreeBSD 12.0 (which occurred earlier in time, comparatively), had been reported where the com.delphix:spacemap_v2 zpool(8) feature does not exist on FreeBSD 12.0, will fail to import the ZFS pool.

    At this time, it is advised to defer migrating from FreeBSD 11.3 to FreeBSD 12.x until FreeBSD 12.1 is available.

    Upgrading from earlier FreeBSD 11.x releases to FreeBSD 12.0 are believed to be unaffected.

  4. Why wasn’t this feature first introduced into 12 and backported into 11.

    You’re just asking for all kinds of trouble when you first introduce a feature in an older release.

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