Lazy Reading for 2019/07/07

No unplanned theme evolved this week, but that’s OK.

Your listening link of the week: Kerrang’s 50 best metal bands of the last decade.  You (may have) heard it here first on #1.  (via)

One Reply to “Lazy Reading for 2019/07/07”

  1. While technically interesting, I hate the Idea of online leaderboards for pinball machines.
    I play Pinball to challenge myself with the 12.000 points some dude from my city got. Not to see the first 12 places be filled by 99.999.999 scores from hax0rkid92 and real_pinball_wizard71.
    I know they are trying to implement measures to not have that happen, but in the end every system can be broken.
    Some things work because they are old fashioned and I believe Pinball falls precisely in that category.

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