DragonFly 5.4 released!

DragonFly 5.4.0 has been released.  This release bring a new compiler (gcc 8.0), asymmetric NUMA support, and a number of new and updated drivers for virtual machine devices and network.

My users@ post has the details on upgrading, as do the release notes.  Note there’s a step in there to update initrd, which has been available for the last few releases, though I’ve never mentioned it.  It’s probably a good idea, since that builds a mini “rescue” system, in case disaster strikes.

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  1. What’s the ELI5 version of “asymmetric NUMA”.

    I’ve googled some but I must be too much of a noob to understand the articles I found.

  2. Hi.
    Have some effort to build glusterFS in pkgsrc ?.
    I not find any info about this on google and works on FreeBSD.
    I think glusterfs + hammerfs 2 would be very nice to dcs.
    good work on dragonfly.

  3. You mean dports, not pkgsrc, correct?

    I don’t see gluster as a built package, which could mean a number of things. I’ve never tried building it; never used it.

  4. NUMA means the system has different memory types of varying speeds accessible to CPUs – on-die, RAM, etc.

    Asymmetric NUMA means every CPU has access to different memory types, but not all the CPUs have access to the same types. i.e. you can’t count on the particular CPU you are executing on to be connected to a directly-attached memory controller, cause there’s 4 CPUs but only 2 controllers in the system – for instance.

  5. I’m a bit confused. I thought dragonfly was targeted to intel 64bit features. to my knowledge there is no intel NUMA cpu.

  6. Don – why did you think that? I’ve been linking to AMD-related DragonFly stuff for years.

  7. Thanks to the whole team for its work on DragonFly, upgrade from 5.2.2 was flawless as always !

  8. Since Hammer2 was the big ticket item for the v5.0 release – what’s the big ticket item people are working on for the v6.0 release?

  9. Justin

    So if releases are calendar driven vs feature driven … then what defines when the next release will be call “6.0” vs “5.6”?

  10. When everyone says “hey let’s call it 6.0”. Barring surprises, I would expect we’d go to 6.0 instead of 5.10 just cause the x.10 number causes a bunch of minor issues around numbering and version reporting, as we all found out around 4.10.

  11. justin makes the announcement and everyone on the net starts spreading the new stuff of 5.4 as written on the release page and then matt passes a few times on the release page making it geek techy like always.. will robots update they news bodies? don’t think so..

    but hey, who cares, people stick to dfly and people are attracted to it because they really read from the dfly domain, from wiki AND git!

    my kernel is not generic, but I think I can manage, is so simple. I kinda wanted a justin -vvv on the update to 5.4 cases.

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