Matthew Dillon recently fixed a TRIM bug, where a TRIM command was being issued unconditionally, regardless of the mount flag, and duplicating the action if it was set normally.  It’s fixed now.  This would only have any significant slowdown on UFS, which means it would only affect installworld – the rest of your mounted volumes are HAMMER, right?

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  1. Hmm. Filesystems are nontrivial bits of code, that interact with many different parts of the operating system (think buffer cache, kernel VM system, plus others). Sometimes a bug depends on a specific set of cricumstances (workload, degree of multiprocessing going on) that are not easy to figure out or even duplicate. Subtle timing bugs and race conditions are even harder to prove as a root cause; very often the specific device the filesystem is on plays a role.

    You need to define “so many”. I haven’t seen what I consider to be many bugs in Hammer/Hammer2. Heck every now and then you still see bugs against UFS, mostly due to the way newer hardware works.

    As for APFS compared to H2, please feel free to do the comparison and post the results for the rest of us to look at.

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