Lazy Reading for 2016/12/04

Dig up more on James Burke (linked below) if you can, and if you have the time.  His Connections show was a delight.

3 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2016/12/04”

  1. Hi,

    my company is in the Solaris 12 private BETA (just had a new test-release yesterday) and it’s alive and kicking, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a public BETA soon and a 12.0 release next year. There were also commits for the new Oracle M8 and Fujitsu M12 chips, so they’re still working on new hardware as well.

    Seems like FUD to me.

  2. WRT Solaris… meh. From what I’ve read most of the folks who worked on it before it was eaten by Oracle are working on the open source code derived from OpenSolaris.

    All the cool stuff like the porting work being done in the OpenZFS project is not from Oracle.

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