Lazy Reading for 2014/11/09

For some reason, more historical links this week than usual.

Unrelated link of the week: Cartozia Tales.  It’s a print comic in a limited series.  Many stories, many artists.  I’ve been getting the issues and it’s a lot of fun.  Here’s an interview with the person coordinating the whole thing.

3 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2014/11/09”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The echo does seem creepy as all hell….but I can admit there are times that the vocal timer and shopping list stuff would be cool. If it was just that, I think I’d actually like it more.

  2. hsw says:

    I used forth like VM in several projects, never had that book; I have “FORTH: a text and a reference”. I did find an earlier release of the PDF and refered to when porting a version of EForth.

  3. hsw says:

    DG Nova, remember that – the Cobol system allowed multi-user access to its programs. We had a text editor in Cobol so we could make source changes during work time so as to minimise the down time when switching to single user for compiling.
    There was a microprocessor version used in the DG MPT/100 a desktop computer – complete with Fortran compiler. It had no memory protection and when combined with Fortran’s pass by reference allowed constants to be overwritten far too easily. It’s a nasty bug when “n = 1” does not work as expected!

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