Lazy Reading for 2013/02/24

A calm week, for once.

  • Via Michael W. Lucas: Absolut OpenBSD.
  •  Another ‘How I customize Vim’ style post.  These things always sound great, but I worry that it’s not something that can be duplicated.  If you had to rebuild or duplicate your Vim environment elsewhere, you’d have to write out your own instructions.  Not impossible, but I don’t have to do that for anything else.  (via)
  • Twine, a game creation tool that really requires only writing.  (via)
  • The Oxford Comma, or how it doesn’t matter.  (via)
  • The Story of the PING Program.  I could have sworn I linked to this before.  I remember having someone explain ping to me when I was young and had little experience of IP networking; it seemed like magic where the computers would actually talk.  (via vsrinivas on EFNet #dragonflybsd)
  • ARPANet, 1971, as a tattoo.  (via)

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman.  All the early issues, available in electronic form, for pay-what-you-want.  (And I advise paying; it’s a fun comic)  Look at a sample page if you are curious.