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  1. That is such a great idea, for now i’m running tor on freebsd and openbsd, I also run SLinux, i don’t run tor on it, insted i run qemu, freebsd is guest OS, and works fine so far, freebsd is not that good as debian, debian developers have ttdnsd pkg, which is exelent to hide dns, so far, i think only they can hide dns 100%…i hope and looking forward that bsd developers will come up with such or similar aplication.

    One more time, great idea for the mailing list, and big bravo for bsd guys.

  2. I run tor on Dragonfly from pkgsrc (or sometimes manually compiled if fixes don’t show up early enough in pkgsrc) without (bigger) problems for some years.

  3. I’ve been running tor on DragonFly for years with no issues.

  4. to run tor on every bsd is not a problem, to hide dns 100%, is a issue…for now TBB is most secure browsing, but have problem on bsd, also, debian guys is able to hide dns with ttdnsd….bsd is not able to do so….so far…but, i hope they will come up with something similar.

  5. Thanks for the publicity Justin.

    We have around 30 people on the list already, but it’s pretty low traffic ATM.

    There are two issues that drove the creation of this list:

    1. serious operating system monoculture with Tor relays.

    2. The apparent performance issues with running Tor on the BSDs, and not the fact that it *doesn’t* run:


    There is an OpenBSD dev on the list (and in NYC*BUG) who is working on OpenBSD for Tor. But the list of operational tasks is real and large: Tor Browser Bundle on the BSDs, creating more how-to’s for running Tor, performance for high-bandwidth relays, etc.

    So join us.

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