Lazy Reading for 2011/05/08

Let’s see, what do I have now…

  • Did you know we just released DragonFly 2.1?  Neither did I.
  • The AppleCrate II (][?), a set of parallel Apple //e systems.  It makes me so happy.  I love to see how simple uncomplex the old Apple systems were, almost at the level of programmable logic controllers today.  I was struck by the fact that the Apple //e requires less than 5 volts, which means it could run off a USB port.  (via lots of places)
  • Removing the internet’s relics: a call to kill FTP now that it’s 40 years old.  There’s no easy alternative, though…
  • 20 years of Adobe Photoshop.  (via)  Obviously that’s not found on any BSD platform, but almost every raster-based image editor out there tries to emulate Photoshop in some way, on every platform.  It casts a long shadow.  Plus, I remember the Photoshop 2.0 loading screen, so now I feel old.
  • Is tech blogging becoming worse? i.e not really tech any more?  I’ve mumbled about this before, since this site is arguably a tech blog.  Sites tend to diversify and lose focus to grow their audience.  You can see the same pattern in the magazine market, back when there was a magazine market.  You don’t have to worry about the Digest – I’m targeting BSD users, so I’m totally not growing my audience!  (Joking, joking.  Readership is staying even to slightly up, over the last while.)

On a separate note that has nothing to do with DragonFly: if you live outside the United States and have a postcard handy, can you send it to “St. John Neumann School, 31 Empire Blvd.,  Rochester, NY 14609 USA”?  My daughters’ school is collecting international postcards this month as part of their geography lesson.  It doesn’t have to have anything specific, other than be interesting to 8-year-olds.


5 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2011/05/08”

  1. dudeintheatlantic says:

    Do I have to write anything in the postcard? You’ll be recieving one from me shortly:)

  2. dudeintheatlantic says:

    I missred your post. Thought it was sent directly to you. But I’ll send one to the school.
    Wonder if they can find the Faroe Islands on the map:)

  3. Just a “Hello from (wherever you are)!” works – the novelty is enough. Thank you for sending it! The harder the country is to find, the better.

  4. Amit Kulkarni says:

    These tech journos don’t even take the time to investigate or proof-read their article. Some posters to mailing lists can do a better job than them. Competition is good. Multiple approaches to similar problem is good, and may the best implementation win!

  5. Klingon says:

    Even modern PLCs (programmable logic controllers) will smoke an Apple ][e. But they’re still cool machines.

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