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  1. I remember a nice discussion about IPv6 and sixxs on #dragonflybsd a long time ago (DragonFly 1.2 days). I think aiccu, their software for automatically configuring the tunnel has been the first package I installed when trying pkgsrc, which wasn’t a part of DragonFly.

    So every time I hear IPv6 I get nostalgic thoughts, which is funny because usually people talk about the future and the next generation of the internet. In some way IPv6 has been around since 1996 (and earlier), so one could expect everyone would be supporting it fifteen years later a few months before it is necessary (it will be 2011 or maybe 2012), but there are still ISPs and hosting companies who don’t seem to have a lot of idea about it. Last time I asked they were thinking about setting up a test network were later customers may be able to join.

    At least the BSDs have been ready for a very long time with one of the earliest implementations. :)

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