BSD hacker job available

A recruiter found me through my administrative role for DragonFly in Google’s Summer of Code, and passed along a job description.  I’ll paste it after the cut.  If you’re looking for a job (or know someone who might match this job), contact me and I’ll pass contact information around.

Edit: The recruiter has a similar but non-BSD job also available…)

Man, I hope this works out.  In the job climate we’ve had the past year or so, helping someone get a job is very fulfilling.  Plus, the job sounds cool…

My client right now is an established proprietary trading firm. That means that they use only their own capital, and don’t have any investors. They were founded in 2002 and currently have about 50 people. They focus on trading multiple asset classes with extremely high-frequency both in the US and abroad. The unique twist on this firm is that they don’t hire people with finance backgrounds. They are looking for the best talent they can find in both math and technology, and then let them come up with unique solutions of their own.

We’re currently looking for some top-notch systems programmers. People who are really great C++ hacks, and have experience using one of the versions of BSD are ideal for us. In addition, we like people who have experience programming in Perl, and working on network protocols or file systems. This place has a very flat organization, and is pretty casual in dress…jeans are the norm. It’s basically a that got transported from Silicon Valley to NYC.

If you know anyone that you think would fit the bill, please let me know. I’m also interested in speaking to people who aren’t necessarily looking for a job but who might know people that fit our profile. I think that this firm is a great opportunity for someone interested in getting involved in quantitative finance. In particular, the type of trading that they focus on requires that they constantly be at the forefront of any technological innovations in order to maintain one of their main edges in the marketplace. This makes for an exciting place to work.

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  1. Niklas says:

    a friend johan from engineering physics is my guru. he teaches bsd data streaming in pure C.

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