Holiday links

The end of year shopping season is on many of us again.  I did this last year, and it seemed useful, so here’s another geeky holiday shopping guide.

For DragonFly material, there’s a number of places that will ship you a CD/DVD.

If you want a computer hardware gift, but your friends/family don’t know that much about hardware, point them at Newegg. Tell them the general type of item you want, and the reviews can help them pick.

For general geek gifts, there’s the ever-popular ThinkGeek.  Wandering farther off the beaten path, there’s American Science and Surplus, Ward’s Scientific, Carolina, and United Nuclear.  Creepier: The Bone Room or Skulls Unlimited.

A good gift for the technically minded: a Leatherman Wave.  I’ve tried Gerber multitools and Swiss Army Knives, but I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Wave for so long people turn to me whenever something needs to be cut or opened, because they know I’ll be able to do it.

I’m linking to this even though it’s completely unrelated to this blog’s normal content: The Comics Reporter Holiday Shopping Guide.  It’s comics, through and through, and some wonderful stuff is noted there.

Unlike many other blogs, I don’t get kickbacks or commissions off this.  You can ascribe this to me “keeping it real” or that I’m bad at monetization.  You pick.