pkg_dry usage and updates

Antonio Huete Jimenez wrote up his experiences using pkg_dry on DragonFly, which were mostly successful.

He followed up with a script that takes care of the initial setup for pkg_dry, and noted that following pkg_dry in CVS is the best idea at this point, as it’s going through rapid development.

It should be possible to point pkg_dry at or one of the mirrors, and perform binary-only remote installs and upgrades of pkgsrc packages.

2 Replies to “pkg_dry usage and updates”

  1. iMil says:

    Hi DragonFly crowd,

    thanks for this feedback, and many thanks to Antonio for his work. Please note pkg_dry is still in heavy development, do not plan to use it on stable machines. Still, if you’d like to give it a try, do not hesitate to drop me an email with the failures you’d encounter.

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