4 Replies to “Hammer for Linux?”

  1. This sounds good. HAMMER is a cool filesystem and it’d be good to have it available on multiple platforms. Even if you prefer one OS or another, it’s possible to end up in a situation where being able to do HAMMER-based replication to a different OS would be useful.

    The closest existing Linux project to HAMMER would seem to be Nilfs (http://www.nilfs.org/) which seems to be approaching a mainline merge. It’s a log structured filesystem with historical snapshots, userspace cleaner daemon, etc etc. Tux3 and Btrfs have some features in common too but I think they are less technically close.

    Incidentally, I’m wondering what became of doing streaming backups (and / or filesystem state rewinds) using the high level journaling protocol. Is this done, is it on the back burner, or … ?

  2. It would be nice to see it in one of the other BSDs, but as I’m not pulling-my-finger-out and doing the port, I’ll keep me mouth shut.

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