3 Replies to “Think before you buy”

  1. Apple products are too trendy now.
    They don’t come across as sophisticated, just “meee too! shiny shiny!”
    Too bad, because some stuff would be ok if it weren’t for that :P

  2. And there’s not many companies these days that have a clear design aesthetic to how their products are designed, as an alternative. For laptops: Sony’s adrift, IBM’s out of the consumer hardware business, and Dell has been crappy for so long… For phone and/or music players (same thing, almost), there’s Blackberry or maybe almost Palm, and that’s it. The markets have gotten somewhat entrenched again.

  3. r3tex, I can tell you think Apple’s stuff looks really sophisticated so I’ll sell you my iPod, it’s so old you won’t look like you’re jumping on the bandwagon ;O)

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