There's new busdma fixes (see man pages) by Sepherosa Ziehau available in his git repo; these will show up after the 2.2 release.
There is, as of this writing, 245 bugs listed in the DragonFly bug tracker.  Simon 'corecode' Schubert and other have been doing an excellent job of fixing/cleaning items listed there, but it can always use more input. If you've posted something to bugs@, it's in the bug tracker.  Please, especially if it was fixed, make sure the ticket is closed.
University videos on How to Program a PDP-11.  Watch and feel relieved at how far technology's come in terms of convenience.
Recently noticed: OpenSSH 5.1, which was imported into DragonFly some time ago, reversed the preferred order for host keys from DSA to RSA, which will give you a changed host key warning when logging into a newly updated DragonFly host.  If that bugs you, there's an easy fix.
The most recent DCBSDCon blog post mentions that there will be FreeBSD and OpenBSD goodies for sale at the conference, plus DragonFly  media.  That's me; I'm burning a pile of DVDs with a LiveDVD image of DragonFly 2.1, which should be freely available at the convention.
Python 2.1 is being retired from pkgsrc.  In the relatively unlikely chance that this affects you, speak up on one of the pkgsrc mailing lists.
DragonFly has been unable to work on VirtualBox for quite some time due to a timer problem.  However, the VirtualBox developers have come up with a patch that fixes it.  It's not in the VirtualBox 2.1.2 release, though I assume it'll be in the next one after that.
As Simon 'corecode' Schubert posted, DragonFly needs a system with a good amount of CPU and a good amount of bandwidth to do bulk pkgsrc builds.   I've been doing it in several places and we don't have the right combination of bandwidth and speed in any of them. Donation of hardware that can later be placed somewhere with extra bandwidth would be helpful, too.
Matching the UNIX history quiz from a few posts ago, George Rosamond sent along a note about this NYCBUG talk from Issac Levy on "The Real UNIX Tradition", which is conveniently available in audio form.
Assuming your DNS has caught up, has been updated using ikiwiki to merge the wiki and the regular site. Everything that was in the wiki is now present in the Documentation area, and can be edited in the same way.  Enjoy!  Please tell me if you encounter problems, especially as this is my fault.
Now this is a convention idea I can get behind: DCBSDCon will have a Frack Room, with Quake-series games and bzflag running.  Or, you could work with others to collaborate and debug, but let's be serious here. Also!  There's two weeks left to register, and three weeks to the event.
There's an oldest file meme, first seen here, where you find the oldest files in your home directory and figure out where they came from.  The page I linked to uses a Linux-specific search, but some other pages have a scripted way to do it that should work on DragonFly. I also found a link to a Unix History quiz from the same location, with some answers.  It's a tough quiz.
Something I've been holding onto for a while and only got around to looking at tonight: A Git introduction at a Google TechTalk, via YouTube. Anecdote: I saw Randal Schwartz, the speaker, at a Perl conference back in... 2000?  He was a decent speaker, and I went up after his talk to tell him how I was (successfully) using two programming practices he specifically deprecated during his talk.  Not that it was any better an idea because of that...
Want to look at old computer museums?  There's a number of them to choose from.  (via)  While you're at it: Apple ][ in a browser, now via Java (via). In the ridiculously rare event that my old-school credentials are ever challenged, I will just point to my store-bought 5.25" floppy of Castle Wolfenstein for the Apple ][, complete with typewritten label.
  • SysV init must die (via) Someone mentioned runit in IRC the other day, I think...
  • V7 Unix for x86 (also via)  Put on the bellbottoms.
  • This blog has been running various sed and awk one-liner demonstrations, among other things; very useful tricks to remember.  Go through the history; there's fun and useful stuff.