Kill a bug today

There is, as of this writing, 245 bugs listed in the DragonFly bug tracker.  Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert and other have been doing an excellent job of fixing/cleaning items listed there, but it can always use more input.

If you’ve posted something to bugs@, it’s in the bug tracker.  Please, especially if it was fixed, make sure the ticket is closed.


Assuming your DNS has caught up, has been updated using ikiwiki to merge the wiki and the regular site.

Everything that was in the wiki is now present in the Documentation area, and can be edited in the same way.  Enjoy!  Please tell me if you encounter problems, especially as this is my fault.

Git talking

Something I’ve been holding onto for a while and only got around to looking at tonight: A Git introduction at a Google TechTalk, via YouTube.

Anecdote: I saw Randal Schwartz, the speaker, at a Perl conference back in… 2000?  He was a decent speaker, and I went up after his talk to tell him how I was (successfully) using two programming practices he specifically deprecated during his talk.  Not that it was any better an idea because of that…