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  1. Bad. Hubert Feyrer (NetBSD blog) had his blog posts copied on bsdnews.com as well and after he posted a comment (no contact info available on the site) the guy running the site at least added a link to the original story. Now it seems like these entries were removed so I can’t find the comments anymore.

    You could mail Hubert Feyrer to get more details.

  2. I noticed that about BSD News and unsubscribed to their news feed. I prefer to get it from the source (i.e. here).

  3. I’ve also unsubscribed from the BSD News feed, I’m subscribed to the individual feeds of interest they’re aggregating, so it’s just duplication of things I see elsewhere. Not sure what happened to that site but it used to be worthwhile if I recall.

  4. Speaking of Google searches for BSD material, or any other material for that matter – ever turn up your own posts when looking to an answer to a question? I’ve actually found answers I needed that way by accidentally stumbling across something I wrote years previously and forgotten in the mean time. :)

  5. So far as they’ve got a link to your original post I think it’s good… I myself wouldn’t have read any of your posts if not included in BSD News in the first place ;-)

  6. Yeah – just to be clear, I’m not complaining that it’s my data getting used on their page – that’s what RSS feeds are used for, often. I’m just complaining that there aren’t more frequently updated original news sources for BSD.

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