7 Replies to “1.10 RC1 available”

  1. Where can we download the 1.10 RC1 from? By the way is there an .iso image for x86_64?

  2. Check the link – it’s mentioned there, and will probably carry through to the mirrors listed on the download page on dragonflybsd.org soon, if not already.

    64-bit processor support is on the way, but not complete. DragonFly will run well in 32-bit mode on such a processor, though.

  3. How much time will it take approximately for x86_64 support ?

  4. Noah Yan is working on x86_64 and I think has userland compiling already. I think it’ll be ready by next release, but I’m not the one working on it, so take that with a grain of salt.

  5. That is nice to hear. I hope the GIANT LOCK is soon replaced, and the latest gcc-4.2.X compiler is supported (not necessarily as the system compiler) for user applications. Then we could benchmark Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris 10, as it concerns parallel performance. It would be interesting to see how well it will scale.

  6. AFAIK BGL removal is not trivial at all. I am rather expecting Matt’s new filesystem, because (this) UFS does not journal and its performance is poor.

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