One Reply to “Light reading for the holidays”

  1. I think this might’ve subconsciously prodded me to go out and blow some money…

    I returned with the K&R book (ANSIfied edition), and also stumbled across
    Marc J. Rochkind’s _Advanced UNIX Programming, 2nd Edition._ I don’t know how well-loved the latter is or isn’t, but it seems to cover what many others ‘just know’ about userland, and from a quick flip-through, appears organized to be read enjoyably-enough from cover to cover, rather than suffering the ‘loose collection of manpages’ or ‘walkthrough of overly-specialized projects meant to prove why [subject of book] is gee-whiz’ extremes I keep seeing.

    On that note, is the original _Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software_ worthwhile for someone who needs to see how to structure OOPly things whatsoever, or is there a less biblical alternative?

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