Of 1.4 and 1.5

Matthew Dillon has posted a description of what remains to be accomplished before the 1.4 release, and just when that will happen, and he also has a detailed plan of what he’s going to do in 1.5. (Which, when stable, will be DragonFly 1.6.)

That second post contains several special things to note:

  • 1.5 will be significantly unstable (at least compared to the previous development versions), so stick with 1.4 for a while if you don’t want trouble.
  • The introduction of a new acronym that I daresay we will hear more and more often: cache coherency management system (CCMS).
  • ZFS! (See Flash demo)

2 Replies to “Of 1.4 and 1.5”

  1. Stefan Krüger says:

    I’d also like to hear what other dfly developers are planning for 1.5 :)

  2. Petr says:

    I see Matt wants to port ZFS, but is the CDDL license under which its being developed compatible with the BSD license?

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