Darn quiet

I’ve seen nothing in the way of good news lately, on the mailing lists or about the web. So, in an effort to keep content appearing here, I’ll ask an idle question of you, the reader: Where do you go on the web for BSD news?

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  1. It depends on what BSD news I’m looking for. It seems that for each BSD, there’s a specific site to visit to gather the lastest news.

    If I’m looking for DragonFlyBSD news then I come here, of course. If I’m looking for FreeBSD news then I go to DaemonNews (www.bsdnews.com).

    If I’m looking for FreeBSD news then I go to DaemonNews (www.bsdnews.com) which is actually a generic BSD news site but it tends to have a lot of FreeBSD related news.

    If I’m looking for OpenBSD news, then I look on the OpenBSD Journal (undeadly.org).

    If I’m looking for NetBSD news, then… Well, unfortunately I really don’t look for NetBSD news. NetBSD is cool and all, but it doesn’t seem create alot of noise. I’ve probably only used it once. Maybe if I had some unsual hardware, I’d look at it more. Then again, I was quite excited about the last benchmarks using NetBSD. It did seem to do quite well.

    Those are the first places I’d go for BSD news.

  2. There really aren’t many places to go. Those mentioned above are rarely updated. I think it really hurts BSD evangelism that so little news is reported. Certainly most developers don’t have much time to report news on top of coding, but I’m sure that we’re all missing out on some great stuff.

  3. When it comes to news in general, NILFS for Linux just made Slashdot, and is tangentially related to topics of interest here. (http://linux.slashdot.org/linux/05/10/04/1410241.shtml)

    Aaand, at the risk of coming off stupid, I’d like to hear a little more about how and where DragonFly’s journaling is intended to work in the wild — I’ve had a draft of a mailing list post sitting unfinished for ages, but basically, how does all the niftiness and live streaming/roll-back-ability apply to users with finite storage? (“What did I miss?”)

  4. Heh. News seems slow on all fronts. All the BSD new sites mentioned above seem rather stagnant of late.

    But hey, at least they’re not swamped with mindless crap about license flamewars and some developers opinions on the usefulness of specs :-P

  5. (noobi to bsd) reading about the project goals has not only taught me about BSD but has sparked a serious intrest in this distro! So if you don’t mind THIS site will be my primary news site, and others to compliment it of course. p34c3 && thanks!

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